Open MRI

The Hitachi AIRIS II, provides patients a comfortable environment during their MR examination.  The innovative open-air gantry design of the AIRIS II allows the opportunity to constantly and directly attend to pediatric patients as well as accommodate the most demanding cases such as anxious, claustrophobic and large patients. Overall, the AIRIS II design provides superior operator access and reassurance to the patient.

High-field MRI

The GE Signa LX 1.5T MRI machine is a high-field MRI machine that is widely popular within the industry for successfully generating high-quality images of human anatomy, displaying high tissue contrast and spatial resolution.


Ultrasound is a useful way of examining many of the internal organs and of course, we accommodate patients in a comfortable low light setting to better suit the process of examinations.

Silicon Valley MRI and Ultrasound


We strive in exceeding patient expectations by providing a warm
decorative spa like interior setting as well as a private dressing room,
private locker for belongings, a spacious parking lot, restroom, coffee or tea, highly experienced technicians & a multi-lingual staff.

What to bring

  • Photo ID
  • Insurance Card
  • Doctor's recommendation


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